This Air Purifier Is Selling Out Every Week! We Got One To Test And See Why!

By Lonny Jackson JAN 17, 2023
in Home Tech

Nearly Missed Goodies...

My job is testing and reporting on the latest electronic devices, and when it comes to tech that purifies the air in your home, I've tested almost every product on the market.

When everyone thinks of air purifiers, they assume they're all the same. Plug it in and cross your fingers that it can effectively purify the air in your whole home. But unfortunately, they often can't.

Almost every purifier I've tried suffers from either being too loud, too expensive, or too weak to cleanse the air throughout the entire home. None of which is ideal if you're trying to rid your homes of germs, dust, or allergens.

So, when my company asked me to review the brand new FragrantOne air purifier, I wasn't too excited.

"Ho-hum," I thought. "I've tried these air purifiers before with little benefit. Here we go again."

Thank God I Finally Caught The Feast!

That morning, the package arrived with the brand-new portable air purifier inside for me to review. I opened the box and was immediately impressed with what I saw.

Some air purifiers look a bit cheap or rudimentary, but FragrantOne is the exact opposite. Sleek and stylish with a large full-color display, I was immediately struck by how much thought had been put into the exterior and hoped the same would be true of the technology inside.

It was the best-looking air purifier I'd seen, the air purifier with a round display screen design is really good-looking and easy to read the value on it, with Anion, secondhand smoke, dust, and PM2.5 absorb function, this movable air purifiers adopt efficient filter screen - Hepa filter, integral square filter cartridge element for efficient purification. Turbine centrifugal fan, the bright pearl in the manufacturing industry, relative to traditional fans, the wind is stronger and the purification is better.

I studied all the specs and discovered that FragrantOne incorporates some of the newest technical advances in 2023. And that's when I started to get excited. So far, FragrantOne had checked all the right boxes, but come on - the real test was how good it is at purifying the air in our homes.

Unlike other portable air purifiers, FragrantOne uses next-gen True HEPA technology and combines this with high-grade active-carbon filtration, which is said to be 5x more effective at eliminating harmful particles in the air.

This air purifier has a multi-staged filtration system capable of capturing up to 99.97% of pollutants and allergens at 0.3 microns, which is the threshold for HEPA filters. It also uses Clean Sense IQ to track air quality, which in real terms means that the display consistently updates when on to show you how clean your air is, and how long you need to keep it on to achieve optimal levels. 

"This is no ordinary air purifier. FragrantOne's True HEPA technology and active-carbon filtration put it leagues ahead of other portable air purifiers on the market."

An air purifier that fits on your work desk, the FragrantOne air purifier promises to clear the air in spaces up to 104 square meters. For example, a 20-square-meter room can be completely purified in 6-8 minutes with an impressive CADR of 520 cubic meters per hour. The automatic mode uses built-in sensors and adjusts its speed accordingly, and a handy digital display on the front panel provides you with real-time information on air quality levels.

In trying to use this air purifier, I found that it did a quick job of cleaning the air in my apartment. It never took more than a few seconds or minutes at a time to turn red (indicating pollutants), proving that it could deal with any nuisance quickly. I was pleasantly surprised by such results, and the modern design means that it fits seamlessly into my home and even my small office space.

Real Test - Does FragrantOne Work Efficiently?

FragrantOne adopts a fan system consisting of an AC three-speed plastic-sealed motor plus an inertial wind wheel and an air duct to make the indoor air circulate. The polluted air passes through the air filter, and then the air is continuously ionized by a negative ion generator installed at the air outlet to generate a large number of negative ions, which are sent out by the fan to form a negative ion airflow, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning and purifying the air. 

Now enough research, it was time to put it to the test. 

1st Test - Purify Speed And Range

I plugged FragrantOne into the wall socket and pressed the large power button to turn it on. In my controlled testing environment, FragrantOne barely made a sound but was able to remove a staggering amount of air pollution in just a few short minutes. Not only that, it did so across a very large area.

I tested it in a 1200 sqft space that measured high levels of pm 2.5 particulates, dust particles, and pollen. And with just 9 minutes, FragrantOne had eliminated a whopping 99.7% of those harmful particles from the air. Incredible!

2nd Test - Harsh Condition Performance

I made it run in a space filled with smoke, to see how it copes with the harsh conditions. It was amazing when it detected that the air was becoming poor quality due to the smoke, its value immediately went up and turned red. Then the purification began visibly and the value slowly decreased. Within 5 minutes we saw the values stopped dropping and turned a healthy blue color and all the smells from the smoke disappeared. Another purifier we tested was able to do the same after 30 minutes, and the price of that purifier was $700.

After testing in a controlled environment, it was time for FragrantOne to have the toughest test of all - pleasing my wife. So I took it home to give it a two week test with my family.

3rd Test - Sleep Improvement

The same first night, my wife and I took it to our bedroom and noticed the benefits of FragrantOne right away. Instead of waking with a dry mouth and feeling lethargic like we often did, we had a real, noticeable improvement in the quality of our sleep, and awoke to feel much fresher than usual. 

4th Test - Dog Odor

We also have two pet dogs who we adore, but they sure do leave a bad smell in the house. So we were thrilled when FragrantOne worked its magic here too. Each day when I came home from work, instead of it smelling like a dog pound,  the scent of fresh air would hit me as soon as I opened the door. 

5th Test - Hay Fever And Dust Allergies

And for my wife and son, who both suffer from hay fever and dust allergies, the results were even more profound. It had such a fantastic effect on relieving their symptoms, that my wife said if I sent the device back it would be at my peril! 

"I couldn't believe it. I don't use this term often, but FragrantOne is simply AMAZING."

I Paid For This Test Sample 1st Time!

With variable settings, I can easily optimize FragrantOne to a level that suits the whole family, or just let its Smart Technology automatically optimize to our room size, which will be perfect for 99% of people. It's so simple to use that you can just plug it in and switch it on without ever needing to worry about what you're breathing at home again. But wait...

I can hear the questions now... just how expensive is this thing?

The answer - not at all! I was completely stunned when I saw how affordable this device is. As someone who's tested dozens of purifiers, including giant $750 big brand devices, this beats them all. Not because just because of the low price - but because it's the most effective, intelligent and quietest air purifier I've ever tested.

And unlike the big, energy-guzzling air purifier units we're all used to seeing that cripple your energy bills overnight, FragrantOne runs at less than 10% of its power. With A-Rated energy efficiency levels, it means I can leave it on WHENEVER I like - without worrying about unexpected bills.

A huge relief I assure you!

Usually, I have to send back my review samples, but I wanted to keep FragrantOne for myself so I could breathe pure, healthy air at home all year long. So I paid the money and kept it. ZERO regrets!

I wholeheartedly give FragrantOne portable air purifier a massive THUMBS UP!

24/7 Customer Support...

FragrantOne offers round-the-clock customer service for all customers, which is above and beyond what most companies are able to deliver. In addition, they have a CAST-IRON money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, you can send the device back within 30 days for a full, no-fuss refund. We really value service like this for our readers.

Is There Any Downside To FragrantOne?

YES, the "downside" is that they are selling like crazy. Currently,  FragrantOne is running a limited 50% discount on their website, which has resulted in an incredible rise in demand. Thousands and thousands of units per week. 

The "downside" is that they may sell out before you can snag yours, so get to the official website RIGHT NOW and get the bargain of the year!


Elphine Darcel

I got this for my mom who is a nurse in a doctors office. She told me that she and her patients have immense peace of mind every time they see the air quality value displayed on the device in green, which I think is great for her needs. She's happy and I'm happy that it's one more level of protection.

Ashutosh Nirala

This is a GREAT investment! I purchased this air purifier cuz I've become more sensitive to my cat's dander. And now I wake up completely clear. 

Tracey Mahoney

It's amazing!! the air quality in the room can be detected and displayed, this small screen with numbers can prompt me whether the air quality is suitable for my allergy prone children to sleep, love this purifier for sure!

T. Knox

We have this in our nursery to help keep the air as clean as possible. Even though we have a sealed used diaper bin, there had still been a little "smell" in his room... since we started using the filter, it has smelled better in the room AND our son has been sleeping better. I'll definitely be buying more! 

Nate Rose

It basically saves my life. This air purifier is small but it tracks the air flow in my bedroom and tells me how the air is doing. The most shocking thing is that it turns red and purifies automatically when the air quality becomes poor, which is really helpful in this age of feline epidemics. All in all i'm impressed so far with this small purifier.

Ronald Chapman

I have a 9 year old with asthma and allergies who literally has COVID phobia.It provides the extra level of assurance that we are circulating the air of harmful substances. 

John Carlo Santos

I work in an office with poor air circulation all day, so the air in the outside environment has been a big influence on my allergies for several years now. I recently purchased this air purifier and I am totally amazed by the results. Putting it on the table, the air around me became noticeably purer!

1 Std.LikeReply
Felicia Sandoval

The size is small enough for a medium sized handbag or satchel. 

1 Std.LikeReply
Eric Capri

I brought it with me for work.  Every night I would turn it on and feel better Great purchase. I am the third person in my family to buy one. Would recommend for travel.

1 Std.LikeReply
Rabia Khan

Bought this to help with my little boy's asthma and seems to be helping so far! The air smells great cuz i think it catches dust in the air. It fits my desk and bedside table well.

2 Std.LikeReply
Dr. Ken

I landed my dream job about 9 months ago!  BUUT ever since I started my allergies and asthma have been off the rails.  so I got one .Such an amazing addition to my horribly miserable office setting.

2 Std.LikeReply
M. Adams

The purifier definitely helps reduce pollen and other allergens. 

3 Std.LikeReply
Leah Won

You can operate the air purifier with easy-to-use buttons. It will also notify you when you know when to replace the filter.

4 Std.LikeReply
Misty Faucheux

It's worked great to help eliminate bad kitchen odors from frying oil to my son's recent burnt pizza- overall great product 👍🏻😊.

4 Std.LikeReply
Katherine Ruggles

I purchased this travel air purifier in anticipation of a stay at a smoking household. The air purifier did its job and mostly rid our bedroom of the smoke smell (with door closed).  This has a small and cute HEPA filter inside, which is why I bought it. 

6 Std.LikeReply
Krinjal Jain

We have a cat and do a lot of cooking, so there are a lot of smells around the house.   Going from one room to another.   It does a great job of capturing odor particles before they spread through the whole room.

6 Std.LikeReply

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